67 Years Old Man Walks Free After Spending 20 Years in Prison For Stealing Two Shirts

Louisiana Man Guy Frank hopes to start a new chapter in his life after walking free from spending 20 years in prison.

The reports from the advocacy group ‘Innocence Project New Orleans’ (IPNO) say that Guy Frank had received quite a harsh sentence for trying to steal two shirts from Saks Fifth Avenue. It is also reported that Frank was addicted to heroin at that time. Frank pled guilty to the charges he was accused of.

When the crime took place, the offense of stealing any items under $500 was a felony. However, it was changed from a felony to only being considered as a misdemeanor in 2010.

Frank was a victim of the unjust and harsh sentence under Louisiana’s multiple offender law. This law gives people harsh punishments and sentences for decades in Jail. Even those who never commit a violent crime spend decades in prison.

In a statement posted by the IPNO on Instagram, they said, “He received this egregious sentence despite the fact that he was never a threat to anyone, and had never done more than steal in small amounts. His case shows how poor Black people are disproportionately affected by these extreme sentences. It is hard to imagine a White person with resources receiving this sentence for this crime.”

IPNO immediately advocated the Orleans Parish District Attorney to release Frank once their whole Unjust Punishment Project got enough attention.

The IPNO explained in a press release:

“Even though he accepted responsibility for his crime, lawyers at District Attorney Harry Connick’s office asked that the judge find him to be multiple offenders because he had been convicted of theft multiple times before and to enhance his sentence. Judge Sharon Hunter imposed on him a sentence of 23 years in the Department of Corrections without the possibility of parole.”

Now, Frank is being given all the support that he needs from the support services and from the IPNO.

Frank is hoping to become an assistant deacon to help the younger generation make good decisions in their life.

If you want to help Frank rebuild his life, you can donate him on GoFundMe.

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