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A Scary Video Shows A 6-Year-Old-Girl Being Dragged For 1000 Feet By A School Bus

A hard-to-watch video shows a 6-year-old girl from the city of Kentucky being dragged to a distance of 1000 feet by a bus and it is unclear if the driver was aware of what was happening.

A lawsuit is currently being filed against the school district and the driver Melinda Sanders. This incident was filmed in 2015 and its legal process is ongoing to this day.

In a video that was first uploaded to the Internet by WAVE-TV Louisville, a girl is seen coming out of the bus, but unfortunately, the bus doors close on her backpack. The driver, who didn’t check whether the girl got off the bus safely, continued driving. It can be seen that the girl was trying to inform the driver to stop in any way, but the driver didn’t stop even though she seemed to be looking towards the doors.

It can be seen in the video that one of the students was sitting close to the driver but didn’t notice what was happening even though cars honked at the driver to stop the bus. Finally after a long time the driver noticed what had happened, stopped the bus and immediately approached the girl while she was calling “Oh my god” and seemed surprised.

The girl was reportedly suffering from PTSD and severe nerve damage and needed many surgeries. The family is suing for undisclosed damages.

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