A High School Wrestler Lost The State Title, And Then Pointed To The Dying Father of His Opponent

High school wrestler

This inspirational wrestler wanted to take the State Title home for his father, who was dying of cancer. He trained as hard as he could to try and bring it home, to make his family proud and he even prayed to God that he could make it all happen. He found himself on the brink of victory, but he was up against a well experienced opponent. He pinned his opponent successfully, and when the opponent realized what had just happened, he went over to the boy’s dying father and embraced him.

He told him to stay strong, and that everyone loves him. This act of sportsmanship really was unlike any other and it just goes to show that even if you do end up losing, you can still go on to change someone’s life for the better as a result from that loss. These kids are both incredible, and they really are an inspiration for us all.

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