Instead Of Throwing Her Bottles Away, She Makes Them Into A Must Have Product

Are you one of those people who have tons of empty glass bottles lying around? Well, when the holiday season comes around, you can actually do something with those bottles! You can use them to create some weird and wonderful things, and you can customize them so they meet your own unique style and taste! Not only does it help to save the environment, but it also helps to get all of your friends and family involved as well. Check these out for yourself today.


Glass Picture Frame

Put any photo you want inside a glass bottle of your choosing. It’s great for adding the vintage look.


If you want to create this frame then you will need to remove the labels from your glass bottle. You can do this by using plenty of hot water and some soap, before using a flat headed tool to remove the label and the glue.


The next thing you’ll need to do is roll up the photo that you want to use. If you wanted, you could use sea shells and some marbles to make the base look more appealing and this is great if you want to add a beach style feel!


If you want, add some more decorations at the end. It really is that easy!


Patriotic drinking glass

Take your guests to the 4th of July with these stunning drinking glasses!


The glass vase

Take a look at this tutorial and complete it step by step to create your own personalised glass vase.


Vase with design

Create a decoration that is minimalistic in value, but with plenty of personality. This is one of a kind!


First, you need to cut out a design using newspaper.


Then, you will need to use some white paint to cover up the bottle.


The last thing you need to do is glue the paper on to the bottle, and after this has been done, you’ll have a great looking vase!

save-glass-bottles10 save-glass-bottles11

Empty storage bottles

VOSS bottles that come with caps are great if you want to store dry goods.


Glass spray bottle

Instead of using a plastic bottle, use a glass twist-top glass bottle as a base.


Winter wonderland

Why buy decorations every year, when you can make your own?


If you want to do this then you will need some newspaper, some white paint and a glass bottle.


Paint the bottle and cover it with some epsom salts.


The epsom salts will stick to the paint that you have covered the bottle with and soon you’ll have a bottle that looks like it’s covered in snow!


Candlestick holder

Cover a glass bottle in some golden paint. You’ll then need to add a candle to it, for the perfect romantic evening.



Add some lettering to a glass bottle, this is a great way to greet new guests!


Bird feeder

This is the perfect bird feeder for any wild animal!


Timeless drinking glasses

Get a branded glass and create a drinking glass for a timeless piece!


Oil lamps for the outdoors

Using some kerosene, a tiki wick and a standard lighter you can create your own oil lamp and this is great for an evening outside!


What do you think about this? We would love to hear your thoughts! Leave your comments in the box below and share these ideas with all of your friends and family.

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