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She Drops An Alka Seltzer In Some Olive Oil. The Result? Magical

In this video, we have a special guest, none other than Danica McKellar. The pair start by creating a homemade lava lamp and all you need to get started is an empty bottle with some water, a bottle of vegetable oil, some alka seltzer and some food colouring. This only takes a couple of seconds to work and it is a great experiment to do with your kids. It is completely safe and anyone can do this, not to mention that you can add your own glitter to make it even more colourful as well.

This video also shows you how to make plenty of other cool experiments and they are all great for when you’re bored at the weekend. Danica also gives you some explanations on how the experiments work so you can learn and create fun DIY projects at the same time.

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