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Meet The Giant Chicken That Is Taking The Internet By Storm

This giant chicken really is something else. It is taking the internet by storm and there really is nothing like it. Some have said that this chicken belongs in Jurassic Park, others just can’t believe that the chicken is real. Either way, there is have video proof that this chicken is real and you won’t believe the size of it! It struts out of the hen house and when it stands up fully, you really can start to see how big it really is. This is quite possibly unlike anything that you have ever seen before and it is crazy to think that chickens can even grow this big.

Why don’t you give the video a watch and see for yourself, this one will blow your mind and it is something that you do need to see in order to believe. Luckily this chicken has plenty of room to wander around and it even has a hole big enough to get in and out of the shelter but when this chicken hatched, there is a high chance that nobody knew what size it would eventually end up growing to.

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