The Doctor Who Found Cancer Wrote A Complete Book On How To Cure It

Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg was a physiologist in Germany but he rose to fame when he became the guy who did the research required to find out what causes cancer. His father, Emil Warburg was a physicist and Otto himself was an officer during WWI. He was given the Iron Cross for his bravery however he didn’t go on to serve in WW2 because his family were of Jewish descent. Even though his family were Jewish, Adolf Hitler allowed Otto to carry on his research that would later win him a Nobel Prize in the year 1931 as well as 47 nominations for the years that follow. Even though Otto is a standout individual when it comes to medical history, there is something that not a lot of people talk about, and that is the fact that he found the cure for cancer. In fact, he even wrote a book that was titled “Cancer: Its Cause and Cure”.


His main theory that would cure cancer is the fact that cancer cells cannot thrive in an environment that is alkaline. For this reason, the more acidic things that you put into your body, the more likely the cancer is to flourish. You will also find that all cells need oxygen, cancer cells however can actually live without it, so if you deprive a normal cell of 35% of its oxygen then it may turn cancerous.


Warburg then went on to say that oxygen deficiency is actually almost always the reason why a cell becomes cancerous and this is how the acidic state is formed. The key to curing this is actually oxygen. It could be as little as going out and getting some fresh air or it could be oxygen therapy to give the body the boost it needs. We just need to go back to basic biology and eventually we could stop these diseases from forming.

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