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Ellen and Adele Prank some Employees at Jamba Juice. What They Did? WOW!

Adele is going to visit Jamba Juice in this prank. Ellen is talking to her in her ear piece and she is telling her everything that she needs to say and everything that she needs to do. When Adele first walks in, she asks the employee if she can have a large Jamba Juice but in a small cup. The employee can’t quite believe what she is asking for and he offers to put the Jamba Juice in two small cups for her instead. Adele, of course doing the pranking, states again that she wants a large Jamba Juice but in a small cup and that is when things really get started.
This is one video that will certainly put a smile on your face and when you get both Adele and Ellen together, you can clearly see how great they are. Why don’t you watch this one for yourself today to see what happens next!

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