This Little Girl Starts Praying for Steve Harvey. The Audience Bursts Out in Laughter

Little girl praying for steve harvey

This little girl sure is spirited and she really does tell it how it is. She has the audience laughing within a matter of minutes and she will do everything she can to keep everyone in line. You have to admit that she really is wonderful and that every word that comes out of her mouth is pure sass. She asks Steve Harvey to get down on his knees and it is safe to say that he doesn’t really want to, but after a little persuasion from this little girl, he can’t help but do what she says. She then starts to pray for him, and his family, which is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

Steve Harvey clearly loves her and she clearly gets on very well with him as well, showing that the two of them are truly adorable together. This is comedy gold and it really is one that you need to see, so make sure that you watch it until the very end and also make sure that you comment something nice for this awesome little girl!

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