This strange look was all the rage in the 60’s. I had no idea – this is incredible!

Fashion is always changing, and Vogue is proof that trends are in one minute and then completely out in the next. It doesn’t matter whether you polished your nails or whether you dyed your hair in a crazy and wild color, staying ahead of the fashion industry has always come with its fair share of bold styles and these photos are proof of it all. Now these hairstyles came with their fair share of time and effort and ladies would often sit under the hairdryer for hours on end, just so they could get their hair perfect. They would also go to great lengths to make sure that their coiffures perfect as well, but at the end of the day, these vintage photos are more than enough to give you a blast to the past and they are seriously worth looking at. Scroll down this page to take a look at the incredible hair styles of the 60’s and the women that sported them. Did you have any of these hair styles back in the day? Let us know in the comment box below!

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Large hair actually came into fashion when Victorian wigs were used in the 17th century. Both men and women wore these, and the bigger hair you had, the more wealthy you were. This is because higher and larger wigs were much more expensive to make, but by the time the 1800s came around, white was the preferred colour. They created this look by greasing and powdering the chosen wig with flour, plaster of Paris and starch!

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Wigs certainly played a huge part in the history of fashion and in the 1900s, people started to use their own natural coiffure to create stunning styles. The 60’s are a prime example of this, and Mrs. Jackie Kennedy started off an iconic look all by herself. She came onto the global stage by styling a perfect bouffant, which was done by the famous, award winning Mr. Kenneth. Women across America quickly copied this look, and a new trend came around.


The bouffant is a hairstyle that is styled so it comes away from the head, with a rounded shape. It is derived from the French word, which means swelling and this makes the concept even more interesting. If you were to create a bouffant yourself, you’d find the process very complicated and for this reason, women got their beauticians to do it for them, saving time and a possible disaster. this also meant that they could not touch, or wash their hair until their next appointment with the stylist so it came with quite a lot of work!


If you were brave enough to try this look at home then you would probably spend all day trying to get it right. The hair was first wrapped around a roller, before the woman would sit underneath a hooded dryer. This would take a couple of hours at least! When the hair was completely dry, you would then need to comb it back to bring it to the maximum height and of course, you’d have to use plenty of hairspray to keep it in position.

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A lot of women wore their curlers when they went to sleep in an attempt to speed up the process, but these curlers were often bigger than Coke cans so getting to sleep was a chore in itself. Women would also put on a chiffon scarf when they run out for errands, and going out with curlers in was completely normal at the time.

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There were a huge variety of curling options for you to choose from if you were to go with the bouffant style. You could have the Piquant Pixie or you could even go for the Party Curl depending on the occasion. Both of these styles have a curlier top, with straight bangs. Another very popular look was the Ruffled Curls, which had a parting down the middle, before the hair was curled at the bottom.

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The famous Dusty Springfield sported this look, along with Audrey Hepburn and even Sophia Loren. Hair colouring soon became popular and companies started to release new colours and tones to try and keep up with the ever changing trends. Women could create their own look at home, faster than ever before!

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If you couldn’t get your hair as big as you wanted, there were plenty of wigs available for you to choose from. Wigs were often created  by using fake hair and they could be fastened on by using a headband or even a cap. By using this method, you could also add extra curls, a towering head of hair or even a topknot.

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Shortly after this, the bouffant became even more famous and it quickly turned into a new style, named the Beehive. This style originated in Chicago and it was created by Margaret Vinci Heldt. She was the owner of Margaret Vinci Coiffures and the style itself had more of a cone look when compared. The name originated because it resembles a beehive and it also looks very similar to the nose of a B-52 plane.

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If you wanted to create the beehive style then you would need to run a comb up and down the hair to create a giant knot. The hair would then be combed over the knot and if you wanted to create a higher beehive then you would need longer hair. Of course, wigs could also be used to achieve this!

The beehive could be styled up, or you could have part of the hair worn down.

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The Ronettes, Barbra Streisand and Aretha Franklin made this style popular, along with Dolly Parton. Sometimes it would be worn with a straight bang but essentially, this look could be seen on everyone from teenyboppers to suburban moms. This look was also very popular with “cat-eye” eyeliner and plenty of lip gloss.


The afro was another very popular hair style and it was mostly seen in the 1960’s. To create this style, you would need to comb your hair away from your head before you trim it, creating a rounded shape. Angela Davis, who was an activist, helped this hairstyle to really take off and she encouraged black women to embrace their own natural hair texture.


After the straight hair trend came in during the 1970’s, big hair was back in business again by the time the 80’s came around but it had changed a lot since the 60’s. This time, the style had poufy bangs, plenty of hairspray and teased curls. Bands such as Guns N’ Roses and A Flock of Seagulls can be seen sporting this style.

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As you can see, things that were famous once have certainly come around again and even Amy Winehouse sported the beehive at one point. She combined tattoos with large, teased hair and an incredibly modern twist and before anyone knew it, she had brought back a style that we had all seen before, but one that we all still love.

What hair styles have you had in the past? Let us know in the comments and share this with your friends and family!

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