Hockey fan starts to taunt an injured player – but he gets INSTANT KARMA

This hockey player had a nasty injury during a game when he was hit with a high stick. He skated off to the side with his coach and he had an ice pack on his face as well to try and stop any swelling. As he skated off, he noticed a fan calling him over but little did he know that the fan was actually taunting him for his injury. This was uncalled for as well, but the fan quickly got what was coming to him.

The puck went over the safety glass and it hit the fan in the head, and the player who was taunted was actually the same player who hit the puck over the glass! This is instant karma and it just goes to show that what goes around, really does come around. The timing couldn’t be better, and the fact that it was caught on camera makes this even more hilarious.

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