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Holding a Bottle of Coke with Your Boobs – The Latest Online Challenge

This is the latest online challenge that is making its way across the internet at the moment. You need to try and hold a can of coke between your boobs for as long as you can, but this isn’t for everyone! There is some degree of skill involved with this and unfortunately it is for women only! This video is a compilation of the “coke boob hold” challenge and you’ll see plenty of women try the challenge in this video.

One of them even tries to drink out of the coke while holding it in-between her boobs! To add an extra twist to the mix, you have to shake the bottle or can afterwards and this really is a funny video. One woman even tries to try it with a bottle of wine and the results are unreal. What a funny video, this challenge is sweeping the internet at the moment and who knows who came up with the idea for this one!

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