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She Threads Xmas Bulbs Onto A Hanger. The Result Is Absolutely Gorgeous

This woman is going to show you how you can make a stunning Christmas decoration and it won’t take you very long either. In fact, all you need is a wire hanger and some Christmas bulbs! She starts by taking the hanger and she shapes it into a circle. She then wraps the hanger around itself to create a loop, and that is when the real magic starts. She threads on the bulbs and she arranges the colours in a creative design. After she’s done this, she wraps it up and ties it together at the top.

This is well and truly incredible and it just goes to show that you can always create your own Christmas decorations at home. This is very affordable to do as well, so you can do this with ease and without breaking the bank. Why don’t you watch the video today and have a go at creating your own.

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