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They fell for this crazy bait prank when they stole the electrified bikes! Ouch.

These guys hooked up a bicycle to an electric shock machine to create the ultimate crazy bait prank. They wrapped wires around the bike and they put a metal plate in the seat. The poor guy who decides to steal the bike will be in for a nasty shock and the best of it is that it’s all on camera. This prank is genius and it just goes to show that sometimes, karma really does come back at you.

The electric shock machine is controlled via a remote and when the button is pressed, the shock travels through the seat and the handlebars. One guy is travelling at high speed down  a ramp when these pranksters decide to shock him, and the end result is truly shocking! Make sure that you watch the video for yourself today to see what happens next, as well as finding out what else these pranksters get up to.


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