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This 15-year-old weighed 707 pounds – but you have to see what he looks like now. WOW!

This young man weighed over 707lbs when he was just 15 years old, and this vicious cycle started when he was just a baby. He was born premature and he was already quite a large baby to say the least, but ever since then, his weight has gotten out of his control and he has become the victim of bullying and taunting. The bullying got so bad that he was forced to change schools but luckily now, he is finally getting the help that he needs to feel confident in himself and his own abilities.

Jacob has lost so much weight so far and when he is older, he wants to work with animals because they won’t judge him for his size or the way he looks. It may be a continual battle for him to lose weight and he might have a long way to go, but either way, we wish him all the best and he has plenty of support behind him.

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