U.S. Government Admits: Marijuana DOES Kill Cancer Cells


The US government has confirmed that marijuana in fact kills cancer cells and shrinks brain tumours. The health benefits of marijuana have been talked about for a long time, but nobody has really taken much notice until now. Ever since the US government have released a report stating that it may be useful in treating the side effects of cancer however, a lot of people have certainly started to listen.


If you’re not a fan of smoking marijuana, don’t worry. The cancer treating compounds can also be found in space cakes and in sprays, so you really don’t have anything to worry about.

The test performed indicated that marijuana can be used to stop tumours from growing and the original study was actually conducted on mice. The process stars by blocking the cell’s growth while also stopping it from developing.


Furthermore, studies show that cannabinoids can also be used to kill cancer cells without eliminating healthy cells in the process, not to mention that the same plant can also be used to treat swelling, muscle spasms and even multiple sclerosis.

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