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700 Days Ago He Weighed Over 700 Pounds, But Now? Unbelievable!

This man used to weigh over 700lbs but one day he decided to change his life. He asked for Taylor Swift to mention him at her next concert but unfortunately the message didn’t reach her in time. This is a plea for this guy to get a message from Taylor in time and it is truly a phenomenal story. He started off at 700lbs but now he has undergone a strenuous weight loss regime for over a year. You can see from the video how much hard work he is putting in, and it has really paid off.

He now looks like a completely different person, and it just goes to show that when you have dedication and plenty of willpower, anything is possible. This is a truly incredible story of a truly incredible man, and this is seriously a video that you need to watch. Wow.

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