You Can Now Send A Bag Of Dicks To Your Enemies

Let’s be honest, we have all been there. It doesn’t matter whether you have an annoying co-worker or whether you have someone who just won’t shut up, there are plenty of people out there who deserve this present. In fact, you could even send it to that person who just won’t stop calling their partner by a pet name, so there really are plenty of ways you can get your revenge without anyone knowing that it is you.

Either way, you may not know how to say it in words, but you have to admit that there is something oddly satisfying about screaming “EAT A BAG OF DICKS” at the top of your voice. Luckily, thanks to this company, you don’t need to scream it, because all you need to do is make a small purchase and it will all be done for you.

(Source: YouTube / logitech4873)

Dicks By Mail is a site that lets you send a bag of dicks to anyone you want, for just $15.99. The company will send a 5oz bag of gummy dicks with a note attached in the package, saying “EAT A BAG OF DICKS”.

So if you know someone who you hate enough to do this, you can spend $15.99 and your vision will quickly be turned into a reality.

(Source: Dicks By Mail)

This site came about because of the shipping trend that involved shipping random items to those who annoy you. You can ship your enemies glitter and there is also a site called PoopSenders as well, where you can literally send animal poo to someone as well. Of course, hate pranks aren’t everyone’s deal, so if you want to do it out of admiration, you can visit Ship a Dick and they will send a giant cardboard penis with a message of your choice.

(Source: Imgur / budwick)
(Source: Imgur / budwick)

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