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Secretly Filmed: This Carer Did Something Horrific To A 94-Year-Old Alzheimer’s Patient!

This woman is caring for a 94 year old woman who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. This is a degenerative condition and it can affect your memory. The daughter of the woman knew this but she also thought that there was something going on as well. That is why she decided to put a secret camera in the room so she could see what this woman is doing to her mother behind closed doors.

The carer didn’t know that this camera was present but it evidently shows that the 94 year old has been subject to a world of abuse. She is hit, smacked, kicked and at one point, she even has her hair pulled. The 94 year old just looks to be sitting there while all of this happens because she is powerless to do anything about it, but it is safe to say that she must have been well and truly scared throughout the duration of this video.

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