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What This Camera Captured Over This 6 Week Period Is Heart-Breaking

This guy saw an “outdoor dog” next door and over the course of 6 weeks, he filmed this video. He knew that the dog had been outside for quite some time but he wasn’t starving or sick. His owner chose to keep him outside all the time, even though he did keep him well-fed. The owner also has another dog, who is allowed in the house. When the owner comes outside, he beats the dog and shuts the door on him, giving him no chance to become a part of the family or to show them how much love he has to offer.

This is a sad story, and if you do ever see an “outdoor dog” or a dog that is clearly being deprived then it is very important that you report it so something can be done about it. After all, dogs can’t come forward themselves, so someone has to do something about it.

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