Orangutan Gives Birth On Camera For The First Time Ever

Newborn orangutan

Giving birth is easily one of the most difficult yet one of the most amazing experiences anyone can hope to go through. One moment you’re completely focused on your life, the next you have someone who depends on you for every little thing, and this also applies to the animal kingdom as well. This brave orangutan gave birth on camera thanks to the good timing of a team of zoo keepers.

Many people may think of orangutans as being big, oversized monkeys but that is not the case at all, and they actually share 97% of their DNA with us. They can also be taught how to read, write, use sign language and even speak words. The similarities are uncanny and the compassion they have to offer as animals is incredible to watch. They even fall in love with their babies before they are even born!

Orangutans are known for only giving birth every 7 or 9 years but the gestational period is very similar to ours, around 9 months. As soon as their baby arrives, they make the effort to make sure that they are breathing properly and they also ensure that they are warm and healthy.
The team over at Durrell Wildlife were able to capture this incredible moment on camera for the first time, and when the mother had given birth, she cleaned her baby and then brought it over so the team could meet her bundle of joy.

The baby latches on instantly to her mother and held on tight as she moved around. This moment is historical to say the least, and it just goes to show that nature is a powerful force that is able to bring so much joy to every aspect of life.

Please be aware that this clip contains some graphic content – especially during the birthing process.

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