A New Law Means That Animal Abusers Will Be Registered The Same As Sex Offenders

Animal abusers will be registered as sex offenders

The law regarding animal abuse is now being taken far more seriously. More and more jurisdictions are now changing their laws to try and reflect the reality of what is happening in the world, and now those who abuse animals will have to have their names displayed in a registry that is very similar to those that are used to name sex offenders.

These registers are designed with the aim of keeping those who have harmed animals from ever doing so again. Retails and shelters no longer have any type of excuse when it comes to giving animals to those who have a history of abuse and they are required to have an adopter sign an affidavit that shows that they are not listed on the animal abuse registry. If you are searching for a pet sitter while you are on vacation, these registries also have added value, meaning that you can check all of your candidates properly as well as making sure that you are not leaving your animals in any harms way.

This is not a requirement in every state but they are popping up throughout the country.  If you consider your pet to be a family member then this is incredibly welcome news. If you have considered hurting animals in the past then this could help you to reconsider your own actions, as well as helping to stop animal cruelty forever.

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