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She Gave Him A Massage And Offered A Happy Ending, But He Never Expected THIS To Happen!

FouseyTube knew that his friend loves massages, so he decided to prank him in a totally awesome way! The masseuse came into the room and she started to give him a massage. You can tell by the smile on his face that he couldn’t be happier and at times, he can barely contain himself. After a short period of time, she offered him a happy ending and that was when things really got heated. He thought that it was the same woman who was doing this to him but in reality, it was one of his friends and this guy is probably the last person in the world who he would want to receive a massage from!

Even the woman can’t help but contain herself and in the end, the guy climbs on top of him to give him a more sensual experience but the poor guy receiving the massage can’t quite believe what’s just happened. His reaction at the end is not to be missed!

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