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Her Dogs Acted Very Strange Around Her, So She Placed A Hidden Camera. What She Finds is Sickening!

This video isn’t for the faint hearted at all. This woman noticed that her pet dogs were acting very strange and she knew that she had to do something about it. She installed a hidden camera to try and capture whatever was happening and her boyfriend at the time had no idea about this. What she saw next was absolutely shocking. She made sure that she posted what she found on social media so other people could be aware of what he is like and what he is capable of, and thanks to her efforts, he now has a court date.

The guy who did this went missing shortly after this video was taken, but it is a clear example of how abusing animals is not acceptable. The dog involved in this incident is seen running underneath the table to try and get away, but the abuser just follows him anyway. Horrific.

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