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How Many iPhones Do You Think It Would Take To Stop A Single AK-74 Bullet?

Have you ever wondered how many phones it would take to stop a speeding bullet? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, but either way, now you know the answer. This video shows a man with a very powerful gun, and he is going to shoot an armour piercing bullet into the set of iPhones. The idea is to see how many phones it will take to stop the bullet and whether or not they are effective. You’ll need to see the video for yourself if you want to know the answer, but he doesn’t just try this with one gun.

He has a few guns, including a shotgun, so it is a really interesting video to see how strong the iPhone actually is. He has a range of iPhones set-up to test the strength and it just goes to show that one day, a phone could save your life!

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