Tiny Dolphin Dies Because Tourists Passed It Around For Selfies

photo credit: Hernan Coria/Facebook
photo credit: Hernan Coria/Facebook
photo credit: Hernan Coria/Facebook

There have been reports from Buenos Aires, Argentina that a tiny dolphin has sadly died because people removed it from the water so they could pose for photos with it. Many people swarmed around the dolphin and it later died of dehydration. Dolphins have a layer of greasy skin/fat and this is designed to insulate them from the cold. On a hot beach however, they can easily overheat. This species is normally found in South America and it is one of the smallest dolphins in the world.

It is also classed as being a vulnerable species, but unfortunately these selfish beach goers cared more about getting their photo than they did about the life of this dolphin. No animal’s life should be given for the sake of entertainment and this is proof that we need to be more careful and appreciative of these fantastic animals around us.

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