WATCH: Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet Near Syrian Border


A report was released on Tuesday morning and it sheds some light on the military jet that has been shot down on the Syrian border. According to the report, the Turkish military have stated that the jet violated the airspace and that after repeated warnings, the pilot did not respond. The plane was shot down by an F-16 fighter but it is said that the two pilots ejected before the plane went down. Apparently one of the pilots has been captured by Turkmen forces however the other was dead.

According to the Agence France-Presse, there has been a meeting called and this will help to uncover what really happened. An official from the US stated that there was no warning given before the plane was shot down, so there are some discrepancies as to what actually happened. This is a radar map that shows the path of the jet as it was shot down, proof that the pilots were in violation of the airspace.


Military forces in Russia are working to increase their presence and this has certainly been the case.

In fact, here’s a Sukhoi Su:


It is being shown dropping flares during an exercise in 2008. According to Reuters, the Syrian observatory have stated that the jet crashed in Latakia and that there was a bombing in that same area last week. Apparently there are now helicopters that are searching the area where the jet came down so we can only wait and see to see if there is going to be any more information released on the subject matter.

Here, from Russia Insider, is a video of the jet as it crashed.

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